Deep Root Distribution Opportunity

A few questions…

  • Are you interested in life changing commissions?

  • Are you reading this right now because you are looking for something better?

  • Is your 1099 contract not what you thought it would be?

  • Would you like to be positioned on the front end of a major shift in the irrigation industry, locally, nationally, internationally?

  • Are you already networked in the agricultural community?

  • Are you a client centered marketing professional?

  • Would you take the time to investigate a device proven to save farmers 61% of their water, energy, and fertigation—and that returns control of growing cost to the farmer?

  • Have you have ever missed an entry level life changing opportunity before?

  • Will you contact us?

This is how we have grown in two years:

map of DRI users in 2014
Introduced in California in July 2014, DRI had been adopted by 20 growers before year’s end.
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map of DRI users in 2016
By the end of 2016, DRI was installed in 11 U.S. states and 8 countries.
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We can prove everything we say:

graph depicting cumulative costs over 10 years for DRI versus fan jet
Deep Root Distribution’s cost calculator helps client to visualize DRI’s cumulative cost savings over the first 10 years.
graph comparing first-year costs for DRI versus fan jet
Client also can see that majority of DRI’s installed cost is offset during the first year of reduced resource expenses.

If you qualify to represent Deep Root Distribution and help growers save millions of dollars, we have a position for you. Please send your resumé to

Jack Ciudaj